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Fighting Climate Change Together? Opportunities and Potential Hurdles for an EU-US Transatlantic Trade Agenda

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Kwantificering van de voor- en nadelen van duurzaamheidsafspraken onder Artikel 6(3) Mededingingswet 

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Quantifying Benefits of Sustainability Agreements under Article 101 TFEU

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Trusting the People and the System. The Interrelation Between Interpersonal and Institutional Trust in Collective Action for Agri-Environmental Management

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Disciplining private standards under the SPS and TBT Agreement. A plea for market-state procedural guidelines

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Wouters and others (Case  C-309/99)

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Blog posts

How behavioural law can promote sustainable development – An overview of the potential and challenges

Völkerrechtsblog, 14 May 2020


Book review

Regulating Transnational Sustainability Regimes, by Enrico Partiti. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022) 

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Sustainability Standard-Setting in the Shadow of the Law

Wageningen PhD Thesis 2018

Through the Wine Gate “First Steps towards Human Rights Awareness in EU Food (Labelling) Law

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Take a closer look. Current practices of Dutch business on human rights

VBDO report, June 2012. With Carla Neefs, Liesbeth Unger and Saskia Verbunt