Eva van der Zee is a junior professor (tenure-track) in international law with a focus on behavioural law and economics at Hamburg University, Institute of Law and Economics

Eva's current research focuses on the role and interrelation of formal and informal regulatory systems in promoting sustainable development using insights from the social sciences. In her current project, entitled “Law, Planning Theory, and Environmental Assessments”, which is funded by the Ideen und Risikofund of Hamburg University, she studies the role of international, European and national law in environmental assessment processes using quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as insights from legal theory, planning theory, behavioural economics, and sociology.

Her main fields of research are:

· Behavioral law and economics, legal theory, sustainable development, planning theory

· EU law, focusing in particular on consumer protection, competition, and environment

· Public and private regulation

· Public international law, focusing in particular on trade, investment, and environment

· Corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment

Her broader research interests include political economy and distributive justice.

Email: eva.leora.van.der.zee@uni-hamburg.de